the crissle chronicles

From August 2004 to August 2009, this is my life.

used to

august 2, 2009:
fear grips my heart the way your love used to.
the end of me lies just over that edge.

this black guy

july 31, 2009: today, while at a meeting with a bunch of execs, i heard someone say "You can’t say anything about this black guy who’s President without being called a racist."
And I couldn’t say a thing if I wanted to keep my job.

Michael Jackson

june 25, 2009: Michael Jackson. I just cannot even. There are no words, zero fucking words. His music has carried me through my life.


june 7, 2009: My parents are getting a divorce.


march 29, 2009: 

It doesn’t bother me when people ask how I can be Christian and gay or Christian and supportive of abortion rights, because I’m okay with my own religious beliefs. I know that most branches of Christianity don’t support gay marriage or abortion rights. But the basics of my religion, Jesus Christ born of the Virgin Mary for the remission of my sins, the Ten Commandments, repenting and hearing/believing/confessing God’s word and being baptized, those are too important to me to leave. I think that everybody, religious and non, get so wrapped up in what’s current and political that they forget these things. My religion is important to me and it’s important that I live my life as someone who understands that we’re not all the same, that people will do things differently than I’d do them, and that it is never my place to judge.