the crissle chronicles

From August 2004 to August 2009, this is my life.

chris brown

february 11, 2009: I would like to say that Chris Brown is dirty as shit for beating Rihanna and needs his dick chopped for it.


february 5, 2009: I really, really hate being on my period. It’s not even the bleeding or the cramps. It’s the exhaustion and the ridiculous mood swings and how just SITTING here is pissing me off inside, how I’m not comfortable emotionally or physically, how my boobs are swollen so much that it hurts to walk (because oh yeah, these fuckers bounce), how even sitting up hurts, how I just ate enough food for four people and still want to pour several thousands of grams of salt down my throat and how I’d punch a kitten for a Snickers right now, how it makes me want to be whiny and needy and bother my girlfriend when I know she’s working and is therefore too busy for my bullshit but I don’t care and PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEEE.

a list for monday

february 2, 2009: 1. Of course E has an attitude with me. About what is anybody’s guess. I can’t care anymore.

2. I’m still buzzing from The Color Purple. S was so, so happy afterwards. I didn’t understand it until she told me that no one has ever taken her to a show before and she has never seen a live play or musical. WTF? I’m glad I could do this for her.

I am learning more about S every day, naturally. I have picked up on the fact that she is a bit socially stunted. She has lots of friends, she spends time with them often, her phone is always ringing with phone calls and text messages…these are good things. But she is…a bit of a dork. It doesn’t bother me (I’m not the coolest girl on the block myself) but it was interesting to observe.

3. I wore a gold-colored dress yesterday and received a lot of compliments. I think gold may be my new color? I have noticed, though, that most colors look good on me. In fact I haven’t worn one yet that I haven’t liked, which means that I have the perfect shade of skin y/y? (ETA: I just re-read this and wow. It sounds really vain.)

how perfect

january 29, 2009:  So my job was stressful all day, I cut my arm open & my left contact lense came out. I was cranky and irritated until S texted me and said “I’m gonna be your Tevin Campbell tonight. Tell me what you want me to do…lol. Seriously, take a hot shower, light some candles, and lay down. I’ll be there in a little while to give you a massage.”

How perfect so perfect.